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Forca Cafe, Brazil

Forca Cafe, Brazil

Hello, world!

We have been sharing resources with each other for quite some time. I’ve learned much over the course of my life from dear friends linking me to articles, videos, even sharing physical copies of books. To me, the value is twofold: a human who knows what I voluntarily put in my brain has taken the time to direct me to something new, and that new material has the potential to enrich my personal and professional self.

This blog is meant to do both of those things and — on our ambitious days — even more. Sharing resources with a word on why we have found them to be meaningful is a first priority, but beyond that we may comment on current happenings, offer encouragement to peers facing various challenges, and maybe just dash off celebratory remarks to share in a hard-working non-profit’s success.

There are many organizations out there we would like to support, and we will try to do so as often as we can. If you’d like to share a story here, reach out! If you know of an article we haven’t read yet, share it! If you think there are sides to a story we may have missed, comment! This is as much your space as it is ours — we share the responsibility for furthering our own industry through encouragement to act together.

Speak soon,

Amaris Gutierrez-Ray